Nei Giardini del Silenzio [In the Gardens of Silence] is a collection of 19 electronic compositions collected in three volumes. Part of a multimedia work, the rich tracklist offers pieces of music made by notes (producer and beatmaker), Mauro Martinuz (composer and sound designer), VASARI (live electronics, reading), Collettivo Sub 1775 (research and experimentation), with the participation of Gian Carlo Zizola (poems and epitaphs) and Donatella Cipolato (acting).

Nei Giardini del Silenzio is now available in all digital stores – including Spotify, Amazon music, Apple music, and many others; the collection is distributed by Up To You Music  / The Orchard and published by Echoscope Records, an independent label devoted to visual music founded by Gino Pillon (aka: notes) in 2015. 

Author of 7 tracks (or sound paintings) – 3 of which made with Mauro Martinuz, colleague in the previous album “Decade in Dread” by Abscience [Echoscope, 2015] – notes is also the producer hidden behind the entire triptych of electronic images: the collection moves from some aesthetic-musical reflections related to the concepts of silence and inspiration that the beatmaker has shared with the artists part of this new work

How can we convey to others our personal views of the world? Is it possible to observe the places with unusual ears and transform it into themes to be developed, as in a bizarre experiment? In the sonic view of  notes, a beat is not just a rhythm, but the initiation of a sensory mechanism that inspires a story.

Cinematic sound-flow, Nei Giardini del Silenzio is a kaleidoscope of tributes: it is a celebration of silence, understood as a moment of life capable of leaving room for the expression of our thoughts and the microcosm of sound that surrounds us; it is an ode to the Italian historical village of Asolo, to the peace of its hills and to the artists who found refuge there; it is a tribute to the work of Gian Francesco Malipiero, 20th century composer who dedicated his “Asolan Poems” to this village.

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Great engine of the history of musical research, silence is just a word, a convention: even if populated by a single silent listener, no place can be said to be devoid of sound. On the contrary, what we call silence is an extraordinary white canvas ready to receive the design of imperceptible sounds, of distant voices from the landscape; if we pay attention to it, silence welcomes images that come from our emotions in the form of memories, thoughts and fragments of life

Silence is a source of inspiration that can shape our collective memory, trapped in noise. 

Nei Giardini del Silenzio comes from the direct experience of quiet places: inspiration after inspiration, the overlapping of emotional pictures has given rise to a narrative of the intimate that we have decided to translate into music.


Dedicated to the city of Asolo – an ancient town in the Veneto Region of Northern Italy, Nei Giardini del Silenzio started to take shape in 2019 with the rediscovery of some solitary places such as the garden of Malipiero house, San Gottardo and the historic cemetery of Sant’Anna, where Eleonora Duse and Freya Stark rest today. A place of the heart, since the exile of Queen Cornaro, Asolo has welcomed illustrious guests, restless artists or in need of peace; its placid tranquility has stimulated, over the centuries, the imagination and imagination of musicians, artists, writers and poets, becoming a connector of different lifestyles and cultures. In its full version of a multimedia show, Nei Giardini del Silenzio was presented as an immersive experience on November 13, 2021 at the Duse Theater in Asolo thanks to the contribution of numerous artists and collaborators. The event was promoted by the Academia dei Rinnovati, cultural association.

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