I am a producer of exclusive, unique and crafted instrumental beats. I compose, produce and publish my music independently, to evoke and share personal emotions in a simple and direct way. My style is shaped thanks to a strong passion and a life of research spent among vinyls, samplers and synthesizers.

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My roots as a DJ and producer date back to the 90s on a hybrid music terrain made of crossover, hip-hop, trip-hop and drum & bass music. Along the years, I also created instrumental music for the television and the theatre. Two souls coexist in me: the beat producer and the sneakers designer, apparently two far-off courses that sometimes share very similar creative processes; in both, attention is paid to the aesthetic and communicative aspect to express the identity of a product. In music, as well as in design, it is essential to leave a door open to new contaminations and different worlds.


Dirty train Trip” [Ginotonico, demo, 2000″]. With Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo / The Bloody Beetroots: “CafeAudio Ep” [CafeAudio, Within Records, UK, 2004], “Electricut Symphony Of Horror” [CafeAudio, independent production, 2009]. “Feeling Good” [Ginotonico, remix of Nina Simone, independent production, 2011]. With Jack Mostro: “The Birth Ep” [The White Screamed Shout, independent production, 2012]. With Mauro Martinuz: “Decade In Dread” [Abscience, Echoscope Records, 2015]. “Nei Giardini del Silenzio” [Compilation, Echoscope Records, 2021].