Notes (a.k.a. Dj Gino Tonico) is an independent music producer. He began his music journey in the 90’s, as a DJ and beat maker with his own Hip Hop duo. In the 2000s he founded Cafeaudio and a Drum & Bass DJ set with The Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo of The Bloody Beetroots, recorded demo songs with singer Jeanine of J and the 9s and put together an R&B/Funk band with Lino Brotto. In 2009, Gino Tonico’s remix of Nina Simone was acclaimed by British comedian Marcus Brigstocke as “a slice of sacrilegious excellence”.

In the 2010s he produced his own concept album, co-produced “The Birth Ep” by The White Screamed Shout and composed electronic music for the Television and the Theater with Mauro Martinuz.

From 2018 Notes focused on forging his original music style through a crafted process which includes DJ techniques, sampling, analogue synthesizers, live instruments recording. He co-founded a music production studio in Italy called Bottega Sonora. Currently, he is producing instrumental beats, collaborating with other artists, running a beat making workshop for young talents.

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Dirty train Trip” [Ginotonico, demo, 2000″]. With Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo / The Bloody Beetroots: “CafeAudio Ep” [CafeAudio, Within Records, UK, 2004], “Electricut Symphony Of Horror” [CafeAudio, independent production, 2009]. “Feeling Good” [Ginotonico, remix of Nina Simone, independent production, 2011]. With Jack Mostro: “The Birth Ep” [The White Screamed Shout, independent production, 2012]. With Mauro Martinuz: “Decade In Dread” [Abscience, Echoscope Records, 2015].