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love memories

Positive, easy beat inspired by love, 70’s r&b and 90’s boom bap.

devious danger

Slow, atmospheric, dark beat inspired by cultural shock, travelling on airplanes, Nu Metal and Sicilian folk music.

freak on the floor

Lazy beat inspired by 70’s erotic movies, slow R&B, 90’s Bristol Trip Hop. Vocals by Veronica Pavan: find her on Spotify and

into the abyss (licensed / not available)


Dark beat inspired by nightly urban moods, namesake Indian dance, 90’s Boom Bap.

never leave me (licensed / not available)

Minimalistic beat inspired by love issues, Italian 30’s soundtracks, 80’s Hip Hop beats.


Bouncy beat inspired by personal trips, 70’s Funk, Cinese folk.

flying high

Energetic beat track inspired by urban sports, Nu Metal, Breakbeat.