What am I buying?

By purchasing an instrumental beat produced by notes you will receive:

  1. the premaster of the beat in wav format, to better adapt it to your editing, future functions of your song and the media you will chose for listening
  2. the stems of the project already mixed

Unlike many beat-selling platforms, notes offers you separate and balanced tracks: they are ready for your DAW, with the same LR mix you listened to online: re-editing the beat will be much easier.  All stems have been mixed in analogue with one or more steps to a warmer, more balanced sound and richer frequencies.

How many more copies of my own beat will be sold?

None! Each instrumental beat is exclusive and unique: it cannot be used by more than one artist. It is a choice that favors authorship and craftsmanship. Those who choose a notes’ beat must feel like unique actors in a shared project.

What can I do with my beat?

When you buy a beat, it’s often difficult to understand what you can do or what you can’t do with it. notes cares a lot about transparency: in terms of editing and remixing you can do what you want, you can use the beat as you bought it or arrange it again following your inspirations.

What are my obligations to notes?

The publishing rights will be split between you and notes, 50 and 50.

notes will retain 100% intellectual property of the original instrumental beat, but you will have the exclusive rights to sell and use the beat, to record it, alter or mix it in any form. You can use it unlimitedly for commercial recordings or broadcasts. 

You will not be able to sell the beat in its original form – as you bought it from notes, and you will always have to acknowledge the original authorship of the beat in all media and performance formats. Learn more about your exclusive license here >>>

I like an instrumental beat but I would like to modify it. Can I ask notes to help me?

notes is always happy to activate new collaborations. However, there are some things you should know: notes does not work with mere interpreters or beginners, as it prefers, in any collaboration, the exchange of ideas and comparison. notes is not the classic producer who explains to the artist what he/she should do or how to do it. Likewise, if you are looking for someone interested in traditional musicality, notes is not the right choice for you.

If I didn’t find what I was looking for among the proposed beats, can I commission notes to write a beat?

Sure! notes is like a tailor who makes hand-made clothes: he starts from a sample, imagining that you might like it and, from that base, develops it for you, inspired by what is in front of him. Contact notes here >>>